Hello! Do you know what time it is? It’s time to find out if Peter and Piper get their happy ending. You probably have questions: Do they die a horrible death? Does Piper find out who she is? Does her memory return? Do they get married? Do they get to keep their money?


Guess what! All answers are in Surrender in Crime, the final book in the Partners in Crime Thrillers series.


Get it while it’s hot, hot, hot, people!


Ever since Piper walked out of the Redwood Forest, naked and amnesiac, she’s been desperate to find out who she is and why so many people want her dead. Now, engaged to be married to the love of her life, she’s about to discover the truth of her identity. Will it derail her plans, her relationship, and her happiness, or will she finally get her happy ending with a fresh beginning?


Surrender in Crime is the fourth and final book in the Partners in Crime Thrillers series. It is a funny international thriller and action adventure romance.


Here’s a little inside look into my writing process with Surrender in Crime. After I finished writing Divided in Crime, I outlined Surrender in Crime. Even before I started writing the series, I always knew the ending. I knew who Piper was and all of her secrets. But I didn’t know the details of the last book until I outlined them in the fall of 2020. Then, I put the outline away, and I wrote Slay Misty For Me (Matchmaker Marriage Mysteries – Book 2). When I picked up the outline for Surrender as I began to write it, I was completely shocked. I had forgotten what I had written way back when, and one of the scenes—heaven help me—was a shoot-out in the Capitol Building. Well, people, I changed that right away. It’s amazing how current events can change the plot of a novel. That’s why I’m changing my next book, which was going to be a best friend romp with the Duchesses Meghan and Kate. Just kidding! Just kidding!


It was my birthday last week, and my youngest son took me to the Dodgers game in L.A. It was fabulous because the stadium was only at partial capacity, so nobody sat in front of us or behind us or next to us. Everyone was in a fabulous mood. Have you been vaccinated? Get your shots! Hopefully soon, life can get back to normal, and maybe that means books signings! How fun would that be?

Now, I’m writing Scar Wars, which is the third book in the Matchmaker Marriage Mysteries. Remember that Surrender in Crime takes place three years before Matchmaker Marriage Mysteries begins. You’ll need to keep that in mind at the end of Surrender. My editors had forgotten, and then they were confused about a certain scene that may or may not have characters from another series that you know and love. Scar Wars is available for preorder. One-click that baby!

Happy Springtime, beautiful readers. Happy reading.