The Agatha Bright Mysteries are a spinoff of my Matchmaker Mysteries universe, but with witches. It’s  perfect for the Halloween season, in case you’re looking for a good read. But have you ever wondered how I create a series? It takes a lot of work to build a book world. I like to write a “bible.” The one for Agatha Bright includes information about the town, the characters, and even the weekly menu at Agatha’s soup shop. I’ve never shown it to anyone before, but in celebration of this spooky month, I decided to let you all see it. Enjoy!


Agatha Bright Mysteries Bible

Agatha Bright:


  • Born: May1693 right before mother was hanged for witchcraft in Salem Witch Trials.
  • Almost 400 years old
  • 5’4”
  • Looks 32 years old
  • Green Eyes
  • Long black wavy hair down to her waist that she braids
  • Slim with hourglass figure
  • Favorite Drink: Irish Whiskey neat or Lapsang Souchong tea, two sugars.
  • Hobbies: Reading detective novels, lighthouse
  • Clothes: Flowing dresses with slits up the leg and belted with wide belt, barefoot or sandals.
  • She’s doomed to live forever in unrequited love for John.
  • She’s lost her love of life. She lives like a zombie, not noticing anything because she’s bored of life. Finds her lust of life with the disappearance.
  • Lives in Dark, no sixth sense
  • Starts reading mystery novels (three a day) after disappearance.
  • Wakes up at 3:30AM to go to work
  • Washes with cold water. Hair: lavender oil tied in thick braid down her waist
  • Mother died just after she was born
  • No phone
  • No car
  • Mother was hanged in Salem. John was prosecutor.
  • She can’t lie. She’s always found out.

John Richards:

  • Ghost
  • Love interest for Agatha
  • Find out he was one of the prosecutors of the Salem witch trials, and he was cursed by her mother and died and is haunting them forever
  • In love with Agatha
  • Born in England
  • Former navy officer
  • Prosecutor
  • 6’4”
  • Tall, perfect posture, hands clasped behind his back
  • In period dress: Men in the early 1600’s wore linen shirtsand deep cuffs. They also had tight sleeves and collars which would stick out at the shoulders. Men had pointed beards and large wide mustaches. Gradually, like the women, the waistlines began to rise and sleeves were looser and fuller.
  • Regrets being a prosecutor
  • Guilty about his love for Agatha. Wants her to live her life and not pine for him.
  • English accent
  • Was a magistrate, politician, and businessman after being a naval officer

Auntie Ida:

  • Older than Agatha
  • 4’11”
  • Looks 90
  • Red curly hair, long pulled up into loose bun (real red, never turned gray, and she’s proud of this, and Tilly is jealous about it)
  • Clear blue eyes like Tilly
  • Wears all kinds of jumpsuits
  • Huge sweet tooth, always baking
  • Doing strange things in attic. Always busy but never doing anything
  • Power: has a sense for bad things

Auntie Tilly:

  • Liar
  • Looks 90
  • Always trying to get free stuff
  • She loves pancakes
  • Drinks Tea
  • Always dying and coming back to life
  • Complainer
  • Dead ringer for Katharine Hepburn
  • Thick gray hair pulled up in loose bun
  • Wears men’s slacks and fitted tops
  • Clear blue eyes
  • Power: Things work out around her
  • Prudence’s identical twin

Auntie Prudence:

  • Tilly’s twin.
  • Died in mysterious circumstances

Remington Cumberbatch:

Detective from Cannes

  • Part-time MMA fighter
  • Looks like the Rock
  • The Rock + Bruno Mars with big glasses; geeky-cool; brown eyes; cage fighter turned cop; forensics expert; bigger than Spencer.
    • Hercules look-alike in shorts, running shoes, and no shirt, his face all hard edges, and the perfect cappuccino-colored skin of his torso, back, and arms decorated in intricate warrior tattoos.
  • 7 tattoos
  • I’m so cool. I’m like the other side of the pillow.
  • Fighter name: Remington “Knockout” Cumberbatch. Old name: Death Clutch
  • Calls Agatha “Aggie”
  • Lives in apartment in top floor of four-story building on beach.

Sea Breeze, California:

Like Imperial Beach

Population 2000

On border with Mexico

Sleepy beach town that nobody visits because water is full of sewage

  • Tackle and Liquor Store
  • Beer Garden run by sand sculptor
  • Long pier
  • Surf Motel
  • Exercise Area with Muscle men and women
  • Fish Tacos Place
  • Real Estate / Ice Cream Fudge Candy shop (can’t sell any real estate)
  • Little playground
  • Public Toilets
  • Lifeguard Tower
  • Bookstore/soup shop is on corner across from pier

Cat Walker

Woman totally covered because of skin cancer


Soup Shop:

  • Gas lights (gas lights in house, too)
  • One Story
  • Ceiling crisscrossed with thick mahogany beams
  • Skeleton key to open and lock door (Only Agatha can open and close it)
  • Gets cleaned up magically every night when it closes.
  • Large old coffeepot given to Prudence from Prospector. Makes 20 cups at a time. Make caffeinated and decaf at same time.
  • White apron
  • Only two knives
  • Far wall: little kitchen open and cash register from 1890.
  • Butcher block counter
  • Back wall behind counter: safe with cookbook bound in cracked black leather. Yellow, stained pages. Notes in the margins. Find clue about Prudence in it.
  • Safe behind picture of dogs playing poker.
  • Six tables in center of shop.
  • 25 rows of bookshelves to the right.
  • Behind stacks: 3 more tables “Stacks tables”
  • To the left: 4 fireplaces of different sizes and depths with a cauldron in each of varying sizes.
  • 4 soups of the day every day.
  • Closed on Sunday


Soups of the day:

  • Monday: Chicken noodle, lobster bisque, lentil, minestrone
  • Tuesday: Sweet & Sour cabbage, miso, French onion, beef & bacon
  • Wednesday: Carrot, Spicy chicken tortilla, butternut squash, Million year
  • Thursday: Chili (truckers come in special for it), beef & barley, vegetable, loaded potato
  • Friday: Matza ball, broccoli & cheddar, vegan paradise, beans,beans,beans
  • Saturday: Tomato, creamy leek, Tuscan white bean, Irish stew
  • Sunday: Closed


  • Amy Hawthorne – Cat walker turned influencer turned back into cat walker.
  • Frances Finkelstein – Realtor and fudge shop owner, plump, wears suits with pantyhose, drives MINI Cooper, yells “yoo-hoo!”. She became delivery person and then moved onto owning a porta potty company. “Portable Poop” Portable Poop jumpsuit uniform. Portable refuse closets on flatbed truck.
  • Rocky Montana – Mobile knife sharpener, was accused of murder in the fear hunter and escaped. Fought over by auntie ida and auntie tilly. Sharpens at house. 60’s. Leathered, deep tan. Wrinkles crisscross his face. Rail thin. Baggy clothes. Big appetite.
  • Misty Wonder – Surf / skateboard shop owner
  • Irving and Doris Lansing – Regular diners. Open “Good Samaritan Gifts” shop next door and move into apartment above it.
  • Mouse Mably: works in soup shop. Bakes break and baked goods. 4’10”. Mousy brown hair in pixie cut. Big round eyes, pink pouty mouth, cutoffs. In love with flour delivery man.
  • Bud Spicoli. Gets hired at soup shop at the end of Some Like it Shot. Former reviewer.
  • Lifeguards: Ace, T.J., Captain Steve
  • Eddie Acid: Local retired punk rocker. Organized punk rock knitting championship and got shot in the ass. Very rich. Lots of property. Poses when he walks in a room. Spiky Mohawk. Skinny jeans. Chains and leather.
  • Bob Hayashi. Second best taco eater but really in coven. Moves into house to keep eyes on women.
  • Miguel Sanchez: Cup Reporter
  • Vern Wade. Ancient, short plumber. Says “Welp” fixed flushable wipes problem


  1. Private road up to house, steep with large mismatched cobblestones
  2. Steps to house are different amount depending on person
  3. Victorian and attached to lighthouse (they used to live in the lighthouse and then built the house.