I used to think of myself as a modern woman. After all, I have a lot of technical gadgets…and I even know how to use a couple of them. But in my world of organizing, whether it’s outlining mysteries where I have to weave together plot lines about flying donkeys and murderous neighbors, or whether it’s tackling all the admin work that comes with writing six books a year or owning a house or whatever, I fall back on old school planners, calendars, and notebooks to keep it all straight.

Crazy, right? I’m sure you’re all using Notion or Trello or something that Google invented. Believe, me, I soooo want to go digital (LOL…funny word), but no matter how much I try, I can’t get my mind around all of the apps and software programs. So, here are some of my old school books that I use regularly. How about you? What do you use to keep everything running smoothly?