I love romantic comedies. I mean…I really love romantic comedies. What’s not to love? There’s a love story in them that makes you laugh. All good things, right? In general, I’m a movie freak. You might have noticed that with the titles of my cozy mysteries. They are all plays on movie titles. One of the zillions of movies that I love is How to Marry a Millionaire starring Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall, and the woman with the legs (I forgot her name for the moment). Anyway, I thought: Well, it’s been a lot of years since that movie was made, and there’s been quite a lot of inflation since then.So, three women looking for love would probably take a pass on a millionaire and go straight for the billionaire. And that’s how this idea was born! That simple. Or not so simple because none of my stories are simple. In fact, I like to complicate matters for my characters as much as possible. I’m an evil author like that.

Have you read How to Marry a Billionaire, How to Marry Another Billionaire, and How to Marry the Last Billionaire on Earth? Read them now! Links are on my website. Happy reading, beautiful readers!