I am the greatest detective of all time. Actually, I’m not a detective at all. I’m a wedding planner. But I’ve just solved the craziest murder of all time, so I’m feeling pretty good about myself.

Unfortunately, my husband Spencer is in trouble at work because of my sleuthing. He’s the Chief of Police in our small town, and my latest exploits have been a little too visible.

So, when a friend of mine dies from an over-excited personal plug-in device that turns her into a human barbecue, Spencer starts shadowing my every move. He’s all over me to make sure I don’t get involved.

How can I not get involved? I mean, when I smell murder, I need to solve it. And this death stinks of murder. A charred murder.

Sadly, I have other problems to deal with as well. Grandma has a terrible cold, so I’m pulling double duty: Wedding planning and matchmaking. And the clients for both businesses are giving me terrible headaches. Normally, Christmastime is our slow season, but I’m busy with business, murder, missing carolers, a blizzard, and a donkey with a terrible case of IBS. How will I deal with all of this and not get Spencer fired from the police force?

Die Charred is the fourth book in the Matchmaker Marriage Mysteries series, the continuing adventures of Gladie and Spencer from the Matchmaker Mysteries. It’s a funny, romantic small town mystery.

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