Hello, beautiful readers! How are you all doing? What are you up to? I’m up to around 5’7”. Sorry, but I can’t let that joke go. Besides being 5’7”, I’ve been deep in my writer’s cave, writing Spawn with the Wind. Writers always say how much “fun” they’re having writing a book, and let me give you some insider information: They might not be telling you the whole truth. But I’m telling you the whole truth when I tell you that, I’m having so much fun writing this book!

Spawn with the Wind is slightly different than the other Matchmaker books because Gladie is having a blind day, and so all of her friends and family have to help her solve the murder of poor Annie Benoit, who was killed during a burglary. Have you ever wondered what Remington was really thinking? How about Ruth, Lucy, Bridget, and all of the cast of characters? You’ll find out with Spawn with the Wind. It’s available for pre-order now. (And it might come out earlier than previously planned!)

Hey, the reason for this blog is to let you know that the box set of Going Down & Man Candy is still free, but it’s going back to full price in only a few days. Hurry! Hurry! Do you like romantic comedy? Do you like hilarious, sexy stories? Then, you’ll love these books. Going Down is a enemies to lovers story, and Man Candy is an ugly duckling story. I hope you’ll enjoy them!

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What else do I have to say? Have you read Die Charred, yet? It was just released, and it’s book 4 in the Matchmaker Marriage Mysteries. Lots of things happen in it, so I won’t get into details. Otherwise, this newsletter will be fifty pages long. So, I’m going to go back to writing. I’m wishing for all happy days for you! And happy reading, too.