Today’s the day. Gladie and Spencer and the cast of kooky characters are released to the world, once again. Writing Gored of the Rings was like wearing a comfortable shoe, reclining in a favorite chair, or eating my grandmother’s cooking. In other words, I was extremely COMFORTABLE writing this book and returning to Gladie’s world. I slipped into it like a pair of expensive sheets.

Really, what would I do without similes?

Why should YOU return to Gladie’s world, you might ask? Well…for Gladie, it’s been three years since the last murder happened, and she’s bored. But not for long! Her quiet, peaceful life is about to get upended. Murder is coming to Cannes, California, along with a breast milk store, an alligator, axes, and…well, I don’t want to spoil it for you. Let’s just say it’s funny and sexy and funny and a little scary and funny and some more funny with a side of funny.

So, basically, if you’re not in the mood for funny, you shouldn’t read this book. Save yourself! If you don’t want to laugh, you shouldn’t read this book. Run for your life! If you don’t want to drift away into fabulous entertainment, you shouldn’t read this book. Watch out for that tree!

Can you hear that music playing? That’s me, tooting my own horn. Ah…what beautiful music!

Happy reading, my beautiful readers. I hope you enjoy the first book in the Matchmaker Marriage Mysteries, the continuing adventures of Gladie. Thank you so much for reading.