Hello! Hello! I’ve been in my writer’s cave, writing book after book after book after book…. Well, you get the picture. I’ve killed so many people that I’m sure that my photo is on a wall in FBI headquarters. So, please don’t tell anyone where my cave is.

Anyway, all of this cave writing means that FRIGHT CLUB is available now. Now! Now! Start reading now! Actually, don’t start, yet. Keep reading this newsletter first, so you can find out about everything that’s coming your way or is already here.

Here we go!

As I mentioned, Fright Club is available. This is book 3 of the Agatha Bright Mysteries series. The series is a little different for me because it includes witches. Witches have gotten a bum rap, and Agatha would be the first to agree with that. Her family has had it tough, but now she’s happy, living with her aunts in Sea Breeze, California and running a soup shop. Yum!…soup. Her relationship with Remington Cumberbatch (from the Matchmaker Mysteries series) is complicated since he might be possessed (Long story. Read Book 1 first). In Fright Club, a woman winds up dead in Remington’s MMA fight. Even though Remington is PERFECT (hot, sexy, heroic, etc…), he’s arrested. Agatha has to prove his innocence quick. Will she do it? You’ll have to read it to find out…

What else is available? Have you tried out PARTNERS IN CRIME? You haven’t? Oh, no! Read this book today… I mean, after you read Fright Club. (Boy, I’m bossy today. Sorry about that.) Partners in Crime is the first book in a new action adventure thriller series, which is full of romance and laughs.

Happy reading!