Today’s the day! Peter and Piper’s adventures start with Partners in Crime, the first in the Partners in Crime Thrillers series. It’s a page-turning action adventure with romance and lots of laughs. The series is a mystery series about a couple who fight crime (and save the world!), and it harkens back to the classic Thin Man movies and the Hart to Hart television series. As the Partners in Crime Thrillers series continues, you will see more and more of Peter and Piper’s relationship and how they work together to solve mysteries.
But first Partners in Crime! Peter is a retired spy, and he meets Piper in the middle of the night, deep in a forest. Piper has no memory, and there is a tag bolted to her ear with her name written on it. They soon discover that she might be an escaped victim of a notorious serial killer. They embark on an adventure to discover her identity, capture the serial killer, and the adventure takes them around the world.
And for Matchmaker Mysteries fans: Did I mention that Peter is Spencer’s brother? We first met Peter in the Matchmaker books, and now he has his own series. I hope you’ll enjoy Partners in Crime.