I have a crazy job. I make murder funny…and sexy…and all with a happy ending. This is a great job, I have to tell you. Yes, I eat garbage while I do it and I’ve read tons of articles about how my sitting 16 hours per day is going to kill me in a myriad of ways, but it’s a great job! Thank you all for reading.

I hope you’re enjoying the Goodnight Mysteries series. Book 4 is out now! In Coal Miner’s Slaughter, Matilda has got her hands full when a local jewelry maker is found dead, drowned in a bucket of resin. (It’s a better way to die than some!) While she investigates, she finds out all kinds of secrets about Goodnight, New Mexico that should probably be kept secret.

And then there’s Boone. They’re still courting, but Matilda’s hormones are on overdrive, and the courting is going to have to graduate to under the sheets stuff or Matilda’s going to explode! (I wouldn’t know about that. I have no hormones. But that’s another story…)

What about the serial killer? Matilda’s determined to catch that guy. We’ll find out more, and in book 5 (Wuthering Frights – on preorder NOW!), we will find out just who that is and get some justice for those girls and save a couple of them. That’s an author promise and a spoiler alert…so just forget you read that if you don’t want to know.

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What else is happening? As a GIFT for the new release, I’ve boxed the first three books in the Goodnight Mysteries series at a very special price. So, if you’re not caught up with the series or you haven’t started, now’s your chance. Get your boxed set! (Find links on website)

And don’t forget to preorder Wuthering Frights. Phew! That’s a lot of stuff. Thank you for reading. Enjoy! (Find links on website)