I’m writing How to Marry Another Billionaire, which is the second book in the Operation Billionaire Trilogy. Have you read the first book? Here’s a little excerpt from How to Marry a Billionaire:


“I’m not pregnant,” Holly insists. “Oh my God, I feel like I have to push.”

Luckily, just then the paramedics run across the ring toward us. Holly doubles over to push, and I step back. Way back. I don’t want to be cowardly, but babies are supposed to be planned and born in a hospital with a doctor and nurses in a room with a closed door. There’s supposed to be mommy yoga first and a baby shower. Then, an epidural.

A really big epidural.

“But I’m not pregnant!” Holly shouts.

“Well, something’s coming out of your vagina,” Olivia points out, now surrounded by paramedics. “You better hope it’s a baby.”

“I’ll be back here if you need me,” I say and back up into Holly’s horse, who seems as nervous as I am. It’s pawing the ground and walking backward, too. I grab its reins. “It’s okay,” I tell it, softly. “Circle of life.”