Here I am, deep in creating my new series. I had forgotten how much work it takes to create a world. In this case, I’m creating Goodnight, New Mexico, which is situated in northern New Mexico, and it has a massive karma problem. And then there’s the murders. The murders start happening when my heroine, Matilda Dare, comes to town, but it’s totally not her fault! There are many new characters in this series, including Sheriff Goodnight (Hubba hubba! But totally bad attitude), Boone (Hubba hubba! But totally bad attitude. Hmmm…there might be a pattern, there), Faye (Matilda’s new best friend), and a bunch of giraffes (I’ll get into that, later). Today, Matilda meets Boone, and he may or may not be dressed. That’s all for now. Hey! Are you reading Ship of Ghouls?