So, as you know, I’m starting a new series. Die Noon will be the first book in the Goodnight Mysteries. Today, I’m making the map of Goodnight, New Mexico and figuring out what Matilda’s house will look like. Then, I’ll move on to her newspaper and the other characters. Yes, I work on my bed. Who doesn’t? Here’s what that organization looks like:

Anyway, as I started working, my dog Dolly reminded me that we were out of dog food. And she reminded me, again. And again. And again. So, I had to go to Costco to get her food. Have you been to Costco? Anywhere I can buy five pounds of organic grapes for 8 bucks is good in my book. Not to mention a lot of toilet paper. I entered the store, and they had a lot of good stuff, which made me so happy. There’s nothing like the possibility of happiness through retail therapy. I bought a really nice pan for 20 bucks. I really do love that store.

With all of purchases made, I came home to continue creating Goodnight, New Mexico, and….Yes, you guessed it. I FORGOT THE DOG FOOD.