I’m cleaning off my desk today and starting DIE NOON. So excited to start a new series. Today, I will be writing about each of my regular characters. I’ll also make a map of the town (Goodnight, New Mexico) and figure out the town’s history. I already know what it looks like in my mind’s eye, but I haven’t figured out the street names. This series will be shorter than Matchmaker with an overarching mystery in all of the books in addition to one specific mystery in each book. I already know the BIG mystery and the mystery for Die Noon. I’m very excited to fall in love with Sheriff Goodnight, but there’s also this other character who I might fall in love with, too. What to do? What to do? And of course, this is all about Matilda Dare, who has trust issues after her ex-husband gaslighted her and put her away in an asylum. Ah, marriage!  So, today is a big day. Lots and lots of creating. My favorite thing to do.



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