Delivery Happiness

A New Beginnings Novel

We’ve all been there…our lives go down the toilet. We try to cope, but we can only eat so much ice cream or drink so much red wine. But ice cream can’t re-start our lives. (Holy moly, did I say that?) At some point, fate or self-motivation or the Public Health Department steps in, and we reinvent ourselves and find happiness and love.

Eliza Farris, has it all in 1985. That lasts until her son’s graduation ceremony from Stanford Law School, when her husband announces that he’s leaving her for Tight Tammy. After an initial dive into junk food and less-than-hygienic personal habits, Eliza is helped by a young, hottie marine who takes Eliza on as his personal project. He gives her his self-described ten commandments to get her life on the right path. Meanwhile, Eliza is getting nightly visits from the doting Delivery Happiness delivery man, who brings her ice cream and kindness, among other things.

Slowly, Eliza is getting her life back on track when her former husband is found murdered, and she becomes the number one suspect. Now, she has to prove her innocence and finger the real killer before she finds herself in prison for the rest of her life.

Delivery Happiness is a standalone women’s fiction mystery novel.