The Wizard of Saws

Book 3 of the Matchmaker Mystery Series

I’m panicking.

And not just because I’m locked inside a panic room.

My life has been going well. I’ve had a couple matchmaking clients and I’m helping my Grandma Zelda with her matchmaking business. I go out for coffee and lunch with my two best friends. I flirt with the Chief of Police.

But then a new detective comes into town, and he looks just like The Rock. That means that he’s crazy sexy. (Speaking of crazy sexy, Spencer and I are still going round and round in the attraction / irritation department.) This has complicated my life.

The new detective is not the only new visitor to our small town. A fake psychic matchmaker has invaded and has started to steal my grandmother’s clients.

What’s a girl to do?

Well, this girl is doing a lot, because not only do I have another love triangle and a fake psychic to contend with, but the local contractor has been found murdered with his own nail gun, and this nosy, buttinski Miss Marple can’t contain herself.

I MUST solve this mystery.

The Wizard of Saws is the third book in the Matchmaker Mysteries series. It’s a humorous, romantic small-town mystery. Matchmaker…sometimes love comes with a few dead ends.


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