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Wish Upon A Stud | Goodnight | Matchmaker | Standalones

Wish Upon A Stud Series

Going Down Man Candy Hot Wired Just Sacked Wicked Ride
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Goodnight: A Thriller Series

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Goodnight 1 Goodnight 2 Goodnight 3 Goodnight 4

Goodnight 5 Goodnight 6 Goodnight 7

Nights are Sarah's personal hell. The former mystery writer hasn't slept in years. When she decides to take her dogs for a walk in the forest to pass the lonely dark hours, she finds the body of a tortured girl. The discovery turns Sarah's life upside down and thrusts her into a chilling mystery that's bigger than anyone in her small town could have ever imagined. With more bodies uncovered, Detective Jack Goodnight enlists Sarah's help in the investigation. It's a race against time to find the killer before he strikes again, and Sarah may be the next victim.

The Matchmaker Series

An Affair to Dismember Matchpoint Love Game


Matchpoint Switched